Qolsys IQ Panel 2+ feature requests

If you had to pick one feature you would most like added to the Qolsys IQ Panel 2+, what would it be?

Voice features on the IQ Remote secondary panel! I have a second panel upstairs but it doesn’t work with 2-way voice alarms and I can’t use it to answer my Skybell and talk to the person at the door. It would be a lot better if I could.


Yeah, that’s a good one. Speaking of the IQ Remote, we hear people complain that there isn’t a silent mode or bedroom mode so you can put it in your bedroom and not have it make noise or the screen light up while sleeping when someone else arms or disarms the system.

What about the main IQ Panel? Any feature requests for it?

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I’d love for the main panel and remote panels to act as a video intercom so I could use them to talk around the house. Also, it would be nice if the built in camera could act as an Alarm.com camera with tap to call out like the ADC-V622 so I could start a two-way audio call with mobile devices by tapping the panel.


I like this idea, have the camera in the panel/remotes act like the other adc cameras do so from the app we can remotely view them and talk. Vise versa too, be able to start a video call with any user via the panel to their cell phone.

Another one I’d like is to be able to live view 4 cameras at once on the panel like it’s a mini CCTV video monitor. I use the Alarm.com Video app to do that on our Fire TV’s and Fire tablets but it would be cool to have that on our IQ Panels as well.

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So far it looks like we have mostly video and communication related requests. Are there any security alarm or home automation ideas? Anything related to voice control? Or is the touch screen just naturally a good fit for video and comm?

The ability to have the screen go to a certain camera view automatically by rules. Such as when the garage door opens, screen goes directly to the garage indoor camera. Maybe for a specified amount of time, 20 seconds. Have it so it can be triggered by motion or contacts then goes back to the home screen. It would be a good way of seeing whats going on besides just hearing the chime for the door opening.


A framework for the panel to have customized activity rules which change the panel screen would be awesome.

There would be some struggles to work around such as if a user was trying to disarm or otherwise use the system and video took over the screen, but there may be additional possible applications of such a framework in addition to video.

You could potentially display welcome messages, instructions for guests, etc.


I like these ideas! A good workaround for disarming or trying to use the screen would be a single touch would go back to the original screen and dismiss the video or message.

A definable local schedule disarming the system from STAY mode only, at a specific time of day, and on selectable days, so the grand kids can leave for school without waking grandparents to disarm the system? Unless that’s already implemented in some nook I haven’t discovered yet.

Interesting! It addresses a similar problem to the “silent mode or bedroom mode” feature I mentioned above that we’ve heard people ask for. People want features that help them not be woken up due to the alarm system unnecessarily.

Have you looked at the Alarm.com “arming schedules” add-on? It might meet your need. Maybe not the “from STAY mode only” part. From the description

Arming Schedules can be customized to automatically arm and disarm a system for each individual day of the week or across multiple days.

It can be added to your account with System Manager by selecting “Automatic Arming Schedules”.

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What about custom arming modes? In addition to Stay and Away, the ability to create additional arming modes where sensors behave differently based on the mode. You could make a “I’m in the backyard” mode where the back door is bypassed but the rest are armed. A “visitor” mode that disables doors and motion detectors in most of the house but arms the basement and master bedroom. A “lock down” mode where entry doors and interior follower motion detectors become immediate/perimeter sensors. It would depend on your home and how you use it.

I could see that being useful. It’s kind of like scenes for the security alarm portion of the panel. Thank for the suggestion!

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New alarm.com user, and this is my biggest disappointment that I can’t do this. At a minimum I’d love a Arm Stay vs Arm Night mode… I have a gate and I’d love ti be able to in Arm Stay just keep perimeter gates and my garage locked but Arm night enable all my door locks as well. Of course if I could do this why not enable custom arming schemes as previously mentioned. I’m sorta amazed this isn’t an option ti be honest.

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I would like to see the IQ systems talk like say Armed Away or Disarmed Ready to arm and say like exit now and say like disarm system now

I have a gate and I’d love ti be able to in Arm Stay just keep perimeter gates and my garage locked but Arm night enable all my door locks as well. Of course if I could do this why not enable custom arming schemes as previously mentioned. I’m sorta amazed this isn’t an option ti be honest

Door locks and Gate automation are unrelated to sensor monitoring, and you can already create custom scenes which can Arm the system Stay or Away and lock various devices of your choosing. This is found in Alarm.com under Automation > Scenes.

If instead you mean door and gate sensors, not locks, no, custom arming levels are not supported.

Traditionally on systems there is Stay, Away, and often a third mode, Max or Night it is sometimes called, but this doesn’t determine which doors are armed, traditionally it just treats Entry Delay sensors as perimeter sensors and sets off the alarm immediately when opened. This is already possible by choosing the “No Delay” option when arming at the panel or app.

Custom arming levels is not a common feature of panels. Happy to push this as a request.