Qolsys IQ 4 not connecting to WiFi

Hi team,

I’m setting up an alarm system with a Qolsys IQ4 panel. It’s not connecting to WiFi and giving me an error message “Wi-Fi communication test timed out. Please try again”.

When I go back to network page, the network I was previously connected to says “connected, no internet”. All other devices on the network are working.

Any ideas how to trouble shoot?


The first steps I would try are the universal Wifi steps of reboot the device, and reboot the router. Any change?

If that doesn’t work, what kind of router are you using? Do you have any advanced firewall settings? Parental controls, etc.?

As an update, it’s now connecting successfully to WiFi and moving through the other checks but fails when downloading settings from the cloud.

You’ll need to activate your service before that will be successful and the panel communicate with Alarm.com.

Visit the system manager here to complete activation.

Thank you! Where can I find the communication module number? I don’t have a code to access through advanced settings

It looks like this is regarding a new IQ Panel 4 through Surety, correct?

All codes would be defaults, so 1111 for installer code.

The number you need is labeled IMEI. It is also found printed on the back label.

Really helpful. Thank you.

I’m up and running. Can I ask if you can opine on why the front door motion sensor is registering as “status unknown”?