Qolsys Image Sensor Low Battery

I purchased an alarm system with you, which I am overall very happy with. Unfortunately, I have an issue with one of the image sensors: it drains the battery very fast. Initially, it lasted from installation in February to early August. In August, I replaced the batteries with brand new Lithium batteries, and now just a month later, the system complains about low battery levels for this sensor again. All other sensors are still on their first batteries and without any problems.

To me this looks like a defective sensor, and I feel it should be replaced. Please advise of your warranty policy.

I replaced the batteries with brand new Lithium batteries, and now just a month later, the system complains about low battery levels for this sensor again.

Less than a month before low battery alerts definitely suggests something is awry, but you’d want to double check a couple things before sending back to make sure it is a warranty issue.

The first is to make sure that the batteries used were lithium. Under one month of usage is aberrant for lithium batteries, but is very normal and fully expected if alkaline are accidentally used. If they are lithium batteries, check the date code on the batteries. (The batteries for this sensor are definitely reporting low, but we cannot see historical battery levels to see what the level was upon replacement.

Alarm.com states that they have seen issues with rechargeable lithium batteries, and they recommend Energizer Ultimate Lithium. Is this the brand used?

The second is to perform a power cycle with the reset button on the sensor with fresh batteries. Did you reset the sensor when the current set was replaced?

Do you have additional batteries to put in the sensor currently? If you place a new set and let us know we can take a look at the starting voltage and determine how quickly it is dropping over a few days.

Our returns and warranty policy can be found here. We honor the manufacturer warranty on all products. On the Image Sensor I believe it is one year.

Hi Jason,

Thanks for your response. Following your recommendations I have performed the following steps:

  • confirmed that the old batteries were indeed Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries
  • confirmed that date code on the old batteries was 11/15
  • inserted brand new batteries of type Energizer Ultimate Lithium with date code 11/15
  • performed a power cycle on the sensor on 09/21 7:35pm

Please monitor the status of the batteries over the next few days, so that we can figure out what’s going on with this sensor.

Best regards, fub68

It looks like the new batteries are report 3.66VDC.

The Sensor will report low at around 3.05 I believe. Can you test this Image sensor by requesting a couple peek-ins or activating a background capture? Just so it sees some standard use within the next few days.

on September 21 I have replaced the batteries on my image sensor, as instructed. Unfortunately I haven’t heard from you on this. Does the current battery voltage look normal to you?

The voltage levels did not report any drop over a few days. However, within the past week the sensor has updated the battery levels and now shows 3.16. Considering the others show 3.4-3.5 after 7-8 months, that’s a good definitive test.

Return and warranty policy can be found here. Warranty on the Image Sensor is 1 year and it looks like this one is well within.

Hi Jason,
thanks a lot for your help on this. I have ordered a new sensor to replace this one. Can you pre-program my panel to accept the new sensor, or do I need to pair it once it arrived?

Thank you!

Sensors are only pre-programmed prior to shipping panel. Replacement or additional sensors will need to be learned in locally. The video below shows the process: