Qolsys - IFTTT

I tried to reach out to Qolsys sales but got no reply. Would anyone know if these are on their roadmap:

  • Homekit integration
  • Works with Nest

Thank you.

There may be security concerns regarding IFTTT. I would assume this would be more of an Alarm.com integration.

I’m not aware of any plans regarding Homekit.

Nest Integration is now available through Alarm.com.

Thanks Jason. Two follow up questions:

  • From a future feasibility standpoint, if they chose to add Homekit or IFTTT, they could do so with a software update, correct? Meaning, a consumer like me would not necessarily need to upgrade the IQ2 panel itself to take advantage of these new features?
  • Does your statement on IFTTT mean that Scout’s implementation may not be as secure (since they have both monitoring and IFTTT integration)?

I doubt hardware changes would be necessary should it be implemented in some way. It would require software integration, and likely would not affect panel manufacturers but be a back-end integration.

I am not capable of speaking to Scout’s implementation. I am not experienced with it. What use cases would you be looking for with regard to IFTTT?

System control based on cause-effect integration with third-party software does not seem likely.

I am an IFTTT and Alarm.com newbie, so i am evaluating my options. Eventually though, i would like the ability to leverage Siri or Alexa. So far i’m gleaning that this is a closed ecosystem of products that may not allow that.

Is the Alarm.com rules engine comparable to what IFTTT can offer (channels)?

No major main stream security system I am aware of would be currently using IFTTT. I think from a liability standpoint, IFTTT may be a bit too open.

From what I understand, it would allow operation of features through things like text messaging and tertiary apps. It is an interesting solution to the problem of 50 smart home devices requiring 50 different apps for control. The problem I would want to research further is integration with a wide network of “channels” with varying degrees of data security.

Alarm.com is a service which does the same thing with its App. Features like Liftmaster MyQ, Lutron RadioRa, Caseta, Nest, Z-wave, etc., are integrated into the Alarm.com app interface so only one app is necessary to control all of those devices. Rule creation likewise is internal to Alarm.com. In this case, it is a regulated and maintained system that controls sensitive security system functions as well.

With the case of Z-wave specifically, an additional controller can be used on the network which would allow further integration of automation features outside of Alarm.com.

I do not think you will see Facebook and Pinterest integrated into Alarm.com (apparently IFTTT partners). In a sense, yes, it is a closed system, but it integrates all relevant features.

I understand, Jason - thanks. In the additional controller situation you mentioned, would it (say a Smart Things hub) be able to talk to the sensors already connected/paired to the security panel or will the sensors be tied to the panel alone?

Sorry for the repeated questions. I’m new to home automation in general and i’m trying to understand what options are on the table prior to purchasing a home security system.

No apologies necessary. It’s why we are here :slight_smile:

You would add your Zwave devices (lights, locks, etc.) into the primary controller. In the case of a multiple controller system, 2GIG must be a secondary controller. In most cases (I have recently learned of an issue with Smartthings 2) you can then add your 2GIG panel as the secondary panel after learning in the devices to the primary and Alarm.com will see all the compatible devices that were shared with 2GIG.

This gives you the ability to control through Alarm.com as well as the other platform. This is specific to Z-wave devices. Security sensors like door/window contacts, motion detectors, etc. that are compatible with 2GIG are not Z-wave.

The video below shows the process with a Vera Lite.

Hi Jason,

Is the ability to integrate a secondary controller exclusive to 2GIG? I have a Quolsys IQ Panel and I’m wondering if it would be possible. Either way, what would be the benefit since the 2GIG and Quolsys are z-wave controllers?

As of firmware 1.6, Qolsys can be added as a secondary as well.

Some might want a secondary controller in order to use parallel systems if Z-wave devices or features (or say IFTTT) that are not compatible with the alarm panel but are available by adding a different controller like Vera or Smartthings are desired.