Qolsys Hardwire 16-F Low Battery Question

I have a Qolsys Hardwire Translator 16-f paired to a Qolsys IQ Panel 4 running SW: 4.3.0 software.
Yesterday I had to unplug the 16-F from the A/C for a while. The system reported the following:

  • 4:22 PM Hardwire Translator Battery Ok

  • 4:20 PM Panel Power Restored

  • Hardwire Translator Low Battery

  • 4:19 PM Panel Power Failure

The system reported Low Battery almost right away, does this mean the battery needs to be replaced?

Thanks in advance

To confirm, did you unplug the panel transformer and the Hardwire 16F transformer at the same time? It’s possible that the 12VDC backup battery is old and/or just not holding as much charge. If the battery is about 5 years old or more I would replace it anyway.