Qolsys from ADT

I have an old ADT system and the key pad is hardwired. I would like to unplug the keypad and just connect the new Qolsys system I bought, but I am not sure that’s possible. When I unscrew the old keypad there are 4 wires “DATA”, “CLK”, “V-“, and “V+” with their respective colors: white, green, black, red. But there are only two wires to the Qolsys system labeled “DCIN-” and “DCIN+”. Also when I took the wires out of the ADT system, the siren started to make a noise??? And it would not stop until I reconnected the wires back to the system. I did not try to connect the Qolsys system yet because I wasn’t sure.

Any help at all would be appreciated.

Trace out the ADT power wires and connect the Qolsys transformer at outlet. I doubt you can run directly off the ADT panel voltage, but you may be able to splice together the panel power wires directly to the keypad wires using wirenuts. Observe polarity, and go with black and red.

DCIN+/V+ (red)
DCIN-/V- (black)

If you do not power off the included Qolsys power transformer, you may damage the IQ panel.

Yes, you don’t want to just connect the Qolsys panel to the ADT control panel with those wires. You may be able to re-use the wires but you’ll need to disconnect all 4 wires from the ADT control panel and connect them to the Qolsys power supply/transformer instead.

The colors are arbitrary as long as you use them consistently at both the Qolsys control panel and transformer end. You should double them up to make it easier for power to get through. Not that it matters but in that situation I usually use the convention

DCIN- = black and white
DCIN+ = red and green

Based on your question, I get the feeling that you might not be totally clear on how powering the Qolsys panel works so please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any other questions. It’s better to take some time and develop a clear understanding than to hook it up wrong and damage the equipment.