Qolsys Firmware Update 1.4.1

Qolsys has announced a new release of firmware.


How do you update on Qolsys? Is it like 2GIG firmware updates where you get an OTA or use an update cable? If so, does the same cable work on the Qolsys panel? Is there a different update cable to get if you don’t want to update firmware over the air? I can’t find one anywhere. Is an OTA push update the same price as on 2GIG?

Most panels are set up for automatic updates, the software update will be pushed down or will be avaliable for download within the next 10 days.

Dual path communications is now active

With the Qolsys panel you update firmware yourself via the built-in WIFI. You don’t need an update cable and you don’t need us to push an OTA update over the cellular connection. That’s why you can’t find an update cable, you don’t need one.