Qolsys Firmware Questions

Apologies is this has been answered before. I cannot find the info.

  1. Is there a way to know when Qolsys releases a firmware update for the IQ panel and/or the IQ2 secondary panel?
  2. Where can a changelog be found for each release?

ADC releases this kind of info for their releases, and thanks to Surety we have links.

Would really like this info for Qolsys.

  1. Automatic download will not have the latest version of firmware at all times, there is a delay beyond when you would be able to manually request the update using the “Upgrade Using Network” feature.

That said, I would typically recommend relying on the automatic upgrade schedule, as the initial release may have additional subsequent patches. Unless an issue is occurring and you need to try the next firmware for resolution, I would stick to the automatic schedule.

  1. I will see if we can get our hands on the latest for you.

Qolsys 1.5.1 Release Notes.

Qolsys IQ2 1.5 Release Notes.

Thank you!