Qolsys false alarms when disabling

I am not sure what changed, I know a while back I go a new firmware for my panel, but int he last week when I come home if I enter my code to disarm it triggers an alarm. I thought I was entering wrong code, but carefully watched my self each time. I also was well within my 45 seconds. What I do notice is that if we come home together and I disarm while she is still walking through the door (thus the door has not been closed yet) the alarm will trigger with door and motion sensor timed out alarms. I quickly enter the code again to disarm the alarm and it disarms. This is odd and frustrating. Anyone else see this behavior? I have the original Qolsys panel.

It doesn’t look like this is referencing a suretyDIY subscription, so I wouldn’t be able to verify, what firmware version are you currently using? As of the latest firmware (1.6.3) I do not see this activity you are referencing when we test.

To clarify, the door you are referring to is an Entry Exit sensor, correct? And you are saying that if you disarm during the entry delay countdown with the door sensor left open the siren goes off and you have to disarm again?