Qolsys Dealer

I am a new Qolsys dealer. If a customer wants monitoring, in addition to the alarm system, how do I sign them up for it?

Hi there! Are you looking to sell monitoring yourself or are you looking to install Qolsys systems for people and set them up with our monitoring?

Install and set them up with your monitoring.

We are geared toward the end user, not B2B, so service should typically be purchased by the user with their own Surety website login so they can manage their billing and service plan going forward.

If a user wants Alarm.com access and or professional monitoring, they can purchase a subscription through our website. They can get started here.

Once the desired service plan is purchased they’ll be prompted to activate their Alarm.com and monitoring account. This is performed through our website as well and can be done at any time. Full access to managing their service plan, additional features, and monitoring account is found through our Surety System Manager here after connecting their system.