Qolsys compatible smoke detector for attic

Are there any compatible smoke detectors for a Qolsys system that will take the heat & humidity of an attic in the southern US?

Smoke detectors are not a good idea for attic use. The dusty and hot conditions are usually enough to cause issues quickly.

A heat detector is a better idea for attics. I would recommend a 200 degree model like the HDX-200. It is an interlogix model but they can still be found from various vendors.

I actually have one of those HDX-200 units. I tried to use it with my old IQ Panel, but it set off several false alarms and I had to take it offline. Any idea if that may be indicative of the older IQ Panel, or possibly interference with it being in the attic? As I understand it, it is triggered by the rate of heat rise - possibly too fast given an attic in middle TN?

There are HDX-200 and HDX-135 models, which are rated for 200 degrees and 135 degrees respectively. 135 is possible to false alarm in an attic. I wouldn’t expect the 200 to do so. Just to be sure it was definitely the 200 not the 135?

It may have been an issue with compatibility with the old original IQ Panel. It is listed on the compatibility list for the IQ Panel 2+ so I wouldn’t expect issues.

It’s definitely an HDX-200. Will try it with this panel at some point. Thanks!