Qolsys can i reset installer code

Im in year 2 of 3 with a monitoring company. They have removed my access to the installer menu and everytime i need it i have to call and they try and charge me a fee.

Is there anyway to unlock this myself in the settings or reset to default? I will still pay the final year, but i dont use their monitoring so i dont care if they can see my panel or not.

Let me know.

Thank yoi

In order to change the Installer Code of a Qolsys panel, you must already have the current Installer Code or the Dealer Code. Default Installer is 1111 and default Dealer is 2222.

The monitoring company actually hid the menu so i cant even see the installer menu. I own the equipment have to continue paying the last year. I moved out to the country so i never set the alarm, its county so police dont respond.

Any way to factory reset so i can get control of the panel?

It can only be factory reset through the UI, using the dealer code to access dealer settings.

Unfortunately the panel would need to be replaced in order to gain local programming control if you cannot get access codes from the current provider.

So when i call in to add a sensor or change something they add the installer menu temporarily. Could i do that and “accidentally” factory reset then have control?

Dealer Code is required to Master Reset the panel. You would need to access programming with the Dealer Code in order to do that.

Ill see if i can get that.