Qolsys automatic system disarm with iphone

On a Qolsys 4 panel, I set the alarm and left. As I was returning the panel recognized my phone and disarmed the system.

I don’t recall setting this up (a very unsafe practice!!). And I don’t know how to delete this rule. FYI it is not even listed in the rules.

Please help!! And thank you!!

If you have paired your phone to the panel via Bluetooth, it will automatically disarm the panel once the phone has entered the BT radio range.

steps on how to enable/disable this can be found starting on page 108 of the manual

Page 113 shows where to enable or disabl the ability to disarm the panel via Bluetooth.


THANK YOU!! This worked like a charm!
I have been with you guys for 7+ years and you have always come through for me.

Again, thank you!!