Qolsys Android security updates

I am making the switch from SimpliSafe 2 and considering the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus. The panel looks attractive and the z-wave plus support will also come in handy to replace my aging SmarttThings hub. Given my experience with SimpliSafe 2 transmitting the code in plain text and them not fixing the issue, I am looking at the commitment to security from the company. The usage of Andriod is especially concerning. The Qolsys site says it is Andriod 5+ but does not specify an exact version. Can someone share their experience on how often is Android updated (at least the security patch level)? Also, how is the reliability of the panel with ongoing usage? How much should I be concerned about the usage of Android here?

My other shortlist is the Honeywell Lyric Controller. I have had a good experience with reliability of Honeywell systems in the past but I am concerned looking at the fragmented Lyric lineup that the Lyric Controller is not the front runner for issuing updates.

Happy to help! As far as update frequency, the IQ Panel 2 has had a new update on average every couple months since release.

The OS version is fixed at Android 5.1.1. Keep in mind that this is not using all the same services included in other android platforms, so many of the same vulnerabilities do not apply.

Qolsys indicates that the newer Android fixes are back-ported onto Qolsys system software. It’s updated along with Qolsys software releases when those come out (about every other month). Signaling is encrypted.

Overall the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 has had the most feature enhancements and new feature releases included in updates than any other panel release and currently offers the most integration options. This includes video to the panel, doorbell cam access on the panel screen as well as two way audio; and now with the IQ Panel 2 plus, Power G sensors effectively remove distance and signaling concerns, with a possible range in the thousands of feet rather than a couple hundred.

Also, with regard to platform security, Power G sensors utilize encrypted, multichannel, frequency hopping spread spectrum RF.

Thanks Jason. That is very helpful. The PowerG sensors seem great. I also saw this post from you in August https://suretyhome.com/forums/topic/dsc-iotega-compatible-with-alarm-com/. Is there any additional information on the Iotega? We are an Apple family and the HomeKit integration will be helpful.

There’s a good amount of detail on the manufacturer site here for the Iotega. We do not sell the panel itself at this time, but it is compatible with Alarm.com and can be used.

I’m personally a fan of the headless design. I haven’t touched my own 2GIG Panel in a long time, opting for full remote commands instead. Optional touchscreen keypads provide local control for the Iotega.

The IQ Panel 2 Plus is now available. It can be found here in our store. This is the GE + Power G model.