Qolsys / Alarm.com Compatibility

Sorry if a repeat question (I did a quick search but didn’t hit any 100% responses), and I know the official answer will be “if they are not officially supported, we can’t guarantee they will work”, but do Qolsys users (and 2GIG for that matter) generally have success using non-supported zwave switches and outlets? I have an electrician coming to the house tomorrow and need an extra zwave light switch. Would a Leviton Zwave switch I can buy right now at Home Depot not work because it’s not on the official list? I can’t order and ship from my alarm provider or some random seller on Amazon at this moment. Isn’t that the whole point of having a Zwave certification process?

My assumption has been that they limit the number of devices officially supported so that the authorized alarm.com agents don’t have to stock hundreds of different product lines and limit competition, but at the end of the day it should all work. While in general I like to give business to my alarm co, and have given plenty, today I’m not in a position to but also don’t want to throw money away if I’m actually likely to have issues with non-supported brands. Thx!!

With Z-wave light switches and receptacles, since they are just binary on/off devices, you will have a hard time finding incompatibility with most systems. They will generally work due to their simplicity.

The official compatibility list are those devices tested and confirmed by the manufacturer. Generally you will want to follow that list, but for switches you’re pretty safe.

Great, thanks for your reply.