Qolsys 4 Panel Wifi Connection

I changed my router and have a new network name. When I go into the panel it accepts the Network and password. And reports the credentials have been saved. However when I hit “connect” nothing happens, and I am redirected back to the panel that shows the saved network.
I rebooted the panel but it just says it trying to connect.
Currently running software version 4.2.1

Any ideas?

Are you attempting to connect via the home page wifi card?

Just to be sure, on the panel go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Wifi.

Does the network you want to connect to show in the list there? Select it, delete and re-enter the correct password, and select show password to be sure.

Tap Connect. What error messages do you see?

Did all the steps suggested. No luck.
When I tap connect it brings me back to the available wifi networks page. The one I want to connect to is on the top of the list. It gives the network name and it says “saved” below it.
No error messages.

Jason, any suggestions?

If you go to Settings > Advanced Settings > System Tests > Wifi Test and run that test, what is the result?

Status- Disconnected

Updating firmware would be necessary, but would typically require wifi to be connected.

Does Access point mode work on that IQ Panel 4 right now? If so you can try updating that way.

Here is a link to 4.3.0 firmware (needs to be the version if updating from 4.2.1).

Then go to Settings/Advanced Settings/Upgrade Software then touch “Upgrade Using Access Point”.

Scan the QR Code with your phone camera or manually connect to the Panel AP with the SSID and Password shown on the screen.

Press “Start” to begin the local server session, then from your device scan the second QR code or navigate to the “https” site shown on the Panel screen.

Follow the prompts on your device screen to select the correct files and transfer them to the Panel.

Thanks Jason.
I got it working when I created a dedicated 2.4 Ghz channel on the router. The problem may have been the technology of the router wherein you only need to set up the network without specifying 2.4 or 5; the router decides when to use 2.4 and 5 Ghz channel.