QOLSYS 4 + 345MHZ, IQRemote Panels, 345 LIFE SAFETY

Migrating to QOLSYS 4 with 2 remote panels from Honeywell 345MHZ - 2 questions:

I heard “I can” and I cannot" use already installed Honeywell 345MHZ life safety devices (which I have 5)?

I was advised I would need a translator for the IQ Remote panels in order for it to communicate to the QOLSYS 4.

Any advise is appreciated! JD

So that we can best assist, can you confirm the exact model number of your devices?

Model number of the life safety devices you referenced?
Model number of the Remote panels?

The IQ Panel 4 will only be compatible with the QW9104 IQ Remote. It does not work with the older QW9102 and QW9103.

No translator would be required in any case for an IQ Remote, those are wifi devices.