Qolsys 2 Out of Stock?

Was fixing to order tonight. When will the Qolsys 2 panel be back in stock and ready for shipping?

I’m told those are currently on back-order and we do not have an exact ETA, but they are expected soon.

Update, to give others hope:

My panel is due to be delivered tomorrow. I have been checking stock status online every day or two. Saw the other day that it was showing as in stock. Ordered it…and after my order went in, it was immediately showing back out of stock. So, they just had the one in. Just keep checking back, maybe you can get lucky, too.

Yeah, not sure if there is a part shortage at the manufacturer but they have been coming in very slowly lately and look to be on back-order still. It sounds like we are hopeful for early next week.

Any idea on when this is coming back in stock? I have been checking for almost a month.


Limited quantities have been available at times. We do anticipate additional stock available soon. I’ll check to see if a more specific ETA can be obtained.

Any suggestions where else to buy the panel? I want to make sure I don’t get a locked version (assuming there are locked versions). We moved into a new house and need to add the alarm.


Additional stock actually looks like it is now available on the IQ Panel 2.