Qolsys 16-f enrolling problem on new system

I am installing a new system ordered from Surety. Qolsys Q2+ with a 16-F takeover module. I am replacing a old FBI XL2 I have 6 hardwired zones. Some zones consist of multiple windows or doors but all terminated to the panel with two wires and a resistor. I tested the resistor and it measures 2.1 on my multimeter. I had everything wired up before powering up the equipment. I ran into a problem completing the setup wizard but I was able to work this out. The surety website tells one thing but the equipment requires another. I registered with alarm.com and completed the setup of the q2+. I enrolled the 16-f successfully but when I tried the front door nothing registered. So, I tried a bunch of stuff like reversing wires on zones. No change. I reset the 16-f after deleting it from the panel and now it will not auto discover and I must manually add it with the serial #. I changed the mode on the 16f to legacy by resetting with the learn button. The processor light is slow blinking to confirm legacy mode. No joy. When I open a door or window the 16-f shows a red led next to the zone and it stays lit after closed. However, the panel will not learn anything. I really have no idea what to do at this point a need help.

Old system prior to install

Current photo of 16-f

Sorry for the difficulties. Let us know where we have something on the website that conflicts with what the equipment needs and we’ll look into it and get it fixed.

I’m concerned that the 16-F wouldn’t auto-learn into the panel after the reset. I see that the 16-F is paired with the panel now. Does the panel respond if you open the tamper terminals (removed the jumper)? Are you able to sound the siren from the panel? Just wondering if it’s really connected.

You mentioned that resistors were 2.1 kΩ. The default resistor mode after a reset is UL mode which expects 4.7 kΩ. If you’re using 2.1 kΩ you would need to switch the 16-F into EOL learning mode first.

The conflict was that the site says to complete the config and setup of the equipment before creating the alarm.com login. However the panel will not allow you to get through setup without creating the alarm.com account. I was also told to disable WiFi before connecting cellular after setting up my alarm.com account. I exited the setup and was able to complete the process, but only after forcing a software update from settings. Prior to that I had no cellular signal. That is all working now. My problem is the 16F.

I just reset the panel and put it back into the default resistor mode that flashes the status light fast. I removed the wire I had bridging the tamper switch and attempted to have the panel discover it. Using some needle nose pliers I touched the two screws and to my surprise the panel discovered it. It has now been added. I then opened the door and nothing. So it seems I am back where I started. No lights on the 15f zone when opening door. I can change out the resistors to the 4.7 that came with the 16f and try again. I am thinking of trying with just one zone first. Also, when I tested the alarm the external alarm worked but I am also running a separate pair of wires off the panel to the 16f. When I removed the wires from the panel to 16f no external alarm.

If you leave the 16-F in UL mode (default) then you need to use the 4.7k resistors. If you put it in EOL learn mode instead, as described in step 1 and in the troubleshooting section of the manual, then you can use the 2.1k resistors.

After that, step 3 should work. :crossed_fingers:

No Joy. I have removed every zone except zone 1. I removed the hardwire from the alarm panel for the siren. all that is hooked up is the zone 1, siren, and power. I reset the panel and removed it from the panel. I rebooted the panel and I cannot get the panel to discover the 16-f. They are only about 6 feed away from each other so its not a range issue. I think there is something wrong with the 16-F or the Panel. I don’t have any sensors to test on the panel so I cannot be sure if that is the problem. I can tell you that at one point I was able to get the panel to learn the 16-f but what happens after that is unknown. It is like it loses connection with the panel. Since I changed the capacitors to the provided 4.7 and changed back to the default UL. I was able to discover it at the panel and I have been able to add a couple of windows and doors, but after learning them when I open and close the windows and doors there is no chime or recognition from the panel that a zone is open. Even when I was able to add them it did not detect the zone right away. Sometimes it took 2 or 3 tries. At this point I am ready to give up on this system unless you can provide me with a solution. In my previous home I owned and installed the Honeywell 7000 with their takeover unit and did not have any of these issues. The Qolsys is a beautiful looking system but something is either wrong with the panel or the 16F that you sent me. Before I disconnected my old FBI XL2 all of the zones were in working order and opening and closing doors and windows would trigger a fault on the panel so I am pretty confident that it is not a wiring issue.

I ran some status commands on the back end an I am seeing the translator and several zones connected to the translator but no sensor activity since early morning.

The HW16 learned in on Auto learn, but only intermittently yes? Same with some of the wired zones correct? Those could point to communication issues.

It is possible that the HW16 is having signalling issues with the main panel. I notice from the image above, the Antenna on the HW16 is bent and that the terminal block that it is connected to may be misaligned. Is the antenna loose or is the terminal block loose?

The antenna was bent to route through the hole in the wall panel. I considered this and checked the connection on the antenna. I loosened the screw, checked that the antenna was seated in the hole and re tightened the screw.

Yes, the HW16 did learned on auto learned the last time I reset everything and was able to autolearn the hw16. I was able to autolearn some of my doors and windows after that but it did not always identify an open door or window right away. Some of them required opening and closing multiple times before they were discovered by the panel. One set of windows would not learn. After this was completed I looked through the system to see if there was a place to test the connections but I did not see anything. I did see on alarm.com that it would show if the door or window was opened or closed. I tried checking them by opening a closing the windows but that did not show up on the alarm.com website. I also expected a chime when opening or closing the windows or doors as that is how they were entered into the panel and none of the doors or windows triggered a chime.

Based on trouble shooting, this sounds like communication issues with the HW16.

Do you have any wireless sensors or Keyfobs that you can learn into the system? If you can pair that with the panel and it works, this can help to rule out communication issues with the panel itself.

I have a key fobs. I will add them tonight and see what happens. FYI, I received email notification from alarm.com tonight that the 16F and front door is offline.

I enrolled a key fob to the system and it seems to be working fine. However, the panel is showing that the 16f is no connected and the Front Door. When arming it shows bypassing the 16f and front door. all the other devices are connected through the 16f. I remounted the 16f to allow the antenna to be straight and power cycled the 16f. The panel still shows the 16f as disconnected.

Thank you for following up. If the keyfobs learn in and work as they should, we can rule out any comm issues with the panel itself.

Based on trouble shooting, it appears that the HW16 is having communication issues and should be replaced under warranty.

I have reached out to Customer Service to get the process started. They will follow up with you shortly.

Thank you.

Thank you for your help. I received my new RMA’d 16-f today. Fast! I will ship the defective unit tomorrow. I replaced the unit and everything went smooth. All sensors were added without any issues. I went ahead and added the key fob and an Alarm.com ADC-T3000 Z-Wave Smart Thermostat and 2 Thermostat sensors. Everything is working great so far. I really appreciate your help.

Thank you for confirming! Glad to hear the replacement resolved the issue!