Push Notifications

I recently began to receive two push notifications for each doorbell, alarming and disalarming action. I checked all of my notifications and I only have one device assigned to receive notifications. I am not sure if this is something common or how to correct the issue.

Thank You

I do see two firings of each MyQ garage door notification, but that looks to be due to the fact that two status updates are being registered each time for the MyQ devices for some reason.

I’m not seeing any arming/disarming/doorbell notifications firing twice, at least any record of it in history.

So we can refer Alarm.com to the times when this is happening to investigate the issue, can you point to the last time you received two notifications for one of those arming/disarming/doorbell actions? Or can you generate a notification by performing one of those actions and let us know if you receive two notifications and we will mark the time for ADC?

Hi Jason,

My apologies. I just reviewed all of the notifications and all I see duplicates of are the garage generated alerts. 

Thank You

Ok, thank you for confirming. That makes more sense based on what I am seeing in history.

The question now is why the MyQ devices are sending two updates at a time.

Could you try power cycling your MyQ Gateway? Any change?

I am not familiar with this. Is this the same as unplugging it from the main power? I had to do that the other day because the screen went fuzzy and blacked out again. I am not sure why I am having this issue. I had the same device in my last house and never experienced this. Thank you for your help.

The notifications are regarding a Chamberlain MyQ garage device. These do not have anything to do with the alarm panel, as they communicate with Alarm.com via your internet.

The steps to power cycle would be dependent on the model of Chamberlain device you have, but yes I’m referring to unplugging power for a minute then plugging back in. Do you have a wifi overhead opener with built-in gateway?

I had a chance to unplug the system last night and for some reason it is still sending two alerts per garage door event. Any suggestions for my next step?

Thank you for your help.

Removing and re-adding the door would be my next step, but we will check with ADC on this first to see if anything is known about the cause and see if removal will likely resolve. I’ll update here when I hear word from ADC.

We would like to try deleting the gateway so that you can re-add it as a test, if you would be alright with that. Can we try that at this time?

Someone set this up for me last year when I moved. I will research it and see how to do it and let you know the outcome. Thank you.

Hey Jason,

I went through the panel and into the system configurations. I saw where each device was listed and deleted the one that said garage door and reprogrammed it. Luckily, I was able to not save the changes because I realized it was for the garage door into the house and not the outside garage door. I am not sure where to find that one along with the configurations and remove and reprogram it.

Apologies, it does not appear that the images were uploaded correctly.

The gateway mentioned above refers to the MyQ Camberlain/Liftmaster gateway. This device is not listed in panel programming as it only communicates with Alarm.com via the web. Currently, the gateway can only be removed from your Alarm.com account via remote commands sent from your service provider, in this case suretyDIY.

Once commands are sent to remove the MyQ device, you will need to re pair the device with Alarm.com.