Push Notifications from ADC

Is ADC having issues with push? Yesterday I had an outage for a period of time and now today I can’t receive any notifications from ADC. I went through all the normal iOS troubleshooting steps on my iphone such as power cycle the phone, reset the network settings, turn notifications on them off, delete the ADC app and re-install, signed in and out of Apple, etc.

We have not heard any other reports. Is it just push notifications that are not working? Have you tried text, email?

Push notifications require the App have been opened since the phone was last turned on.

Text and email are working, as well as notifications from Facebook. My wife said she’s been getting the notifications today, so it’s very weird. I suppose I have some sort of phone issue.

She has received push notifications from Alarm.com?

Hmm. Any recent updates on your phone?

No updates that I know of to my phone. It’s an iPhone 5. Can you confirm on ADC’s end that the notifications are indeed being sent to Jeff’s iPhone on my account?

I see a large number of push notification commands in the history and all report successful (I don’t see the wording of the notification, just that one was sent) Looks like you have it set up so that when you login you get one.

I’ll let ADC know and see if they know any possible causes. It looks local to the phone though.

That is correct. I’m at work and have been logging in repeatedly to see if a notification would be sent. Lol.

Thx for the help. I think I agree that it sounds like an issue isolated to my phone being corrupt in some way. Looks like a restore from backup might be in my near future. Sigh.

Aha, not yet. Any time you re-add a push device, a new instance is created. Go into your notifications and edit the recipient to iPhone (2)

That is likely the latest instance of the push device

Thanks for your help Jason. This fixed it. I went ahead and deleted all the listed push devices and re-added. Then setup the notifications all over again like they previously were. I have no idea why or how there were 2 devices listed for each of mine and my wife’s phones. Some event or phone malfunction caused the iPhone’s to be added again to ADC. There was something weird going on with our phones today because our iMessages were also not working for a period of time. Not sure if a bad update caused this or what, but your advice fixed the issue and we both are receiving notifications again. So for anyone else who might have this same issue, first check under “Users” on the ADC site and make sure you don’t have multiple push device listings for one device. Thanks again.