Purchasing replacement panel

Quick question, I am about to purchase an IQ2+ panel to replace my existing Interlogix. When adding the panel to the cart it adds recurring totals and I haven’t gone past this step. My question is that I want to make sure checkout doesn’t add another plan to my account and that I can just purchase the panel and then swap panels in system manager when I go to install it.


All Panel purchases through our website include a free month of service, and if you select one of the panel items from the store it will automatically include that. Use this link to purchase the panel by itself.

A free month of service will be applied to your existing subscription by Surety reps during processing.

Ugh, I knew I should have followed up. It did exactly what I didn’t want to happen.

I have a Interlogix panel and Surety plan already. Due to the 3G thing, I’m getting a new panel to replace my Interlogix. When checking out there is a whole section labeled Recurring totals, and my question was that for a new plan or my existing plan as there wasn’t an option or remove a new plan and the info wasn’t clear on what it is.

So now I have purchased the new panel and the checkout added a new plan which I don’t want or need. What’s the best way to get it removed from my account? Will I have any trouble now swapping my panel in system manager?

Ok, that’s not a big deal, if that happens and someone purchases an extra subscription, just send us a private message with the order number and let us know you just want to replace your existing system and the new subscription isn’t needed.

In this case, no message needed, I’m cancelling that for you and applying the month to your existing subscription. There is no issue with the panel registration. The IMEI isn’t assigned to an account until you assign it in the System Manager. You can just use the Swap tool there as normal when the panel arrives.

Excellent. Thanks for the support.