Purchased Home w/Existing Vivint System and Took Over Contract/Account Transfer

Hi all,

We just closed on a home that had an existing Vivint system in it. Before realizing I could swap out the radio and go with a different provider, I mistakenly assumed my only option was to go with Vivint.

So, I contacted them and on Saturday they performed an “Account Transfer” whereby I took over the existing homeowner’s contract, which had 28 months remaining (out of the original 60 month contract). Vivint did provide a “System Purchase and Services Agreement” which allows a three day cancellation clause/policy.

I’ve signed the cancellation policy and sent a scanned copy to Vivint. I’ve also sent one via Certified Mail as well, just in case.

With that said, does anyone know if I’ll be able to keep my equipment? Or does it go back to Vivint?

Here’s what I’ve got systemwise. I’d also love to add additional features/capability/automation/etc. in the future (hence why I didn’t like being locked to Vivint):
Vivint Panel (2GIG)
Smaller Panel (Installer referred to this as a TS1)
6x DW10 Door/Window Sensors
2x Glassbreak sensors
1x Bronze Deadbolt

Thanks in advance!

My suggestion would be to check your contract with the previous provider and/or speak with the previous home owners to find out if the price of the equipment was built into the contract and whether or not they will be returning for it. Unfortunately, beyond that we’re not able to speak to another company’s termination policies. I would suspect you’ll have an answer rather quickly though, once your cancellation request is received.

If the equipment is yours to keep, this page may be of assistance in figuring out what may be needed to use it. Most likely, you will need a new 3G module and depending on what firmware you currently have, you may need an update cable, and service to get up and running with remote Alarm.com monitoring.

Definitely gonna need a firmware update cable with ts1 4 pin (Vivint doesn’t go higher than 1.9.6)

Definitely gonna need to purchase a new cellular module (it is vivint’s policy to never unregister/release a module)

If you cancel, be sure to submit written “notice of cancelation” via fax and email within the 72 hours right of rescission period (which started with verbal/written contract agreement), you may want to also contact your bank to revoke ACH authorization (Vivint is notorious for continuing to bill canceled accounts)

Most likely if you successfully cancel, the previous homeowner will be billed for the rest of the auto-renewing contract per terms on the system (even though they will no longer have it).