Protection One 250-p1 Upgrade

I am looking to upgrade the old system that was installed in a house I just purchased. IT is a Protection One 250-p1 system with 22 Wireless sensors. Would I be able to incorporate those sensors along with the RF radio with a new system purchased from your site?

I am not familiar with that panel myself, but there is always a high likelihood that it is simply a rebranded Honeywell or GE panel. It may be more telling to check the model numbers of the sensors themselves.

From looking at the manual and a little searching, it appears to indeed be a rebranded Honeywell Vista 10P Panel, which would mean yes, your sensors (Likely Honeywell 5800 series wireless) would be compatible out of the box with the 2GIG Go!Control Panel.

They likely would not have done much to the cabinet diagram inside the metal panel door. If you look at that diagram, does it list a model number?

Thanks for your Reply Jason, the original post was done by Customer service when I asked them the question.

From what I can tell the system is as you say a re branded Honeywell/Ademco system and from what I can remember the model number on the panel in the closet said Vista, but I would need to confirm (not home at the moment).

If that is the case and I have that system, would I need a new RF receiver to work with the Honeywell 5800 series sensors(googled them and they look exactly like what I have) or would they work with the 2GIG Go!Control Panel?

Thanks again.

No additional receiver needed. 5800 Honeywell sensors work with the Go!Control.

Great, what about a panel/ would that be necessary for the Go!Control? (complete and total noob here)


The Go!Control is a self-contained Touchscreen keypad/communication unit. If you are referring to the big metal can, no that is not needed (unless you are reusing wired sensors and then it is handy for power for the takeover module).

You can reuse the keypad wiring to power your Go!Control panel, but you need to use the included plug-in transformer, so sometimes the can is still handy to just house wire splices, etc.

Great, I’m also looking at the Qolsys system since is has Wifi built in, would that work with my HoneyWell sensors?

Thanks again for all your responses.

QOLSYS uses GE. You can add WiFi/broadband capability to 2GIG with the Go!Bridge module.

The Qolsys panel is compatible with GE wireless protocol sensors at 319 mhz.

Using Honeywell sensors would require a Honeywell to GE wireless translator, the RE124 HG.

Good to know that there is a way to get the sensors I already have to communicate with a new system, no sense in buy some when I already have several setup (22).

Thanks again

Yes, a wireless translator is often a much more cost effective method of implementing a new system. Keep in mind that life safety devices such as any prior Smoke Detectors or Carbon Monoxide detectors that were used with the Honeywell panel will not have their signals translated.

The translator is only for intrusion sensors such as door/window contacts, motion detectors, glass break detectors, etc.

Also good to know, so I need to budget in new smoke/carbon monoxide detectors as well, anything else I should know about before taking the dive into the DIY security world?

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