Protecting Garage

Hi, I have an attached garage that I’m trying to protect. I have a garage door tilt sensor already (currently only used for a chime). There is a window in the garage. Are there any recommendations for protecting the garage for away and stay modes…? I was thinking a glass break sensor and possibly a motion sensor. Just want to have some sort of protection in case someone breaks in but doesn’t enter the house. I think it gets tricky in the away mode, arming the garage will cause an issue when I come back home and open the garage door but not enter the house yet to disarm (I’m not looking to use geofencing). Will appreciate the advice!

Typically installing motion detectors in the garage and/or using the roll up garage door as an alarm monitored sensor requires some deliberate routine when entering the house. It is a setup that is prone to false alarm and I generally recommend using garage sensors as notification only.

However, if you are deliberate with it you can set the garage door to have up to a 4 minute entry delay, depending on the panel, which should generally be enough to enter and disarm the system in case you don’t disarm in remotely before hand.

Motions in the garage are tricky. Always use an outdoor rated motion detector in the garage. Indoor motion detectors will be prone to false alarms and poor performance with temperatures far outside of standard room temperature.

Also take care to position the motion detector away from the door movement. Especially if you are using a tilt sensor. I would generally not recommend ever using a Tilt sensor as a monitored one. If you want to use the garage door as an alarm monitored sensor with entry delay, use something like this with a wireless sensor like the DW10 (looks like this is referring to a 2GIG system) as a transmitter.