Programming LiftMaster MyQ into 2GIG?

Hi, when I ordered the system, I thought the Liftmaster MyQ Garage controller would already be programmed into my 2GIG system?

When ordering a panel and service, suretyDIY will program any ordered security sensors for you so you don’t need to, but with the Liftmaster MyQ equipment, whether using the Universal Retrofit or the MyQ Gateway and MyQ compatible controllers, set up requires the end user’s overhead controller and internet.

The Liftmaster MyQ devices do not in any way speak directly to your 2Gig panel. The service is internet based and is integrated through directly.

Instructions are located on the product pages on suretyDIY.

Instructions for the Universal Retrofit.

Instructions for the MyQ Enabled Openers.

Thanks Jason.
I see where to set it up via “Connect to using Customer Site”.
But I also see that I can’t register it if it’s already been registered with MyQ, which mine has.
What do I have to do to unregister it?

Did you first register the device through Liftmaster?
If the device was registered through Liftmaster’s App or website, you must either contact their customer service or use their site to unregister.

It only needs registered through (and can only be) in order to function through the ADC app.

Also, am I going to have the same problem with my Honeywell Thermostat, Yale Touchscreen door lock, or a Z-Wave Lighting Control Outdoor Module?

Zwave devices can only link to one system, yes, but can be removed from their parent network by the 2Gig panel, so if you are switching from a previous controller to the 2Gig Go!Control, you will simply use the remove device function prior to the add device function for each piece of Zwave equipment.

A comprehensive list of Zwave instructions can be found here.