Programming for Honeywell Dual Tec Motion Sensor

I installed my Honeywell 5898 Dual Tec Motion Sensor, but I have no clue how to get the Panel to learn it in. Are there step by step instructions anywhere?

There should be a guide included in the motion detector’s box with more detail, but this should be all you need.

After finding an unused sensor in your programming, you’ll select as follows:

RF sensor X type : (04) interior follower
RF sensor X equipment type : (02) motion
RF sensor X equipment code : (0609) existing motion detector (this is in lieu of a better option, I don’t believe the 5898 has its own option listed)
RF sensor X serial number : This is where you’ll learn in the sensor or type in the serial number (I recommend the former)
RF sensor X equipment age : (0) new
RF sensor X loop # : (1) 1 (if you want pet immunity) or (2) 2 (if you want more sensitivity and no pet immunity) The insert with the sensor says:
Sensitivity – Remotely selectable

  • Loop 1 = Pulse count 2 [50 lbs or 100 lbs of pet immunity]
  • Loop 2 = Pulse count 1 [0 lbs of pet immunity]
    RF sensor X dialer delay : (0) disabled
    RF sensor X voice descriptor : Based on your selection; you can choose from those shown on page two of this cheat sheet
    RF sensor X reports : (1) enabled
    RF sensor X supervision : (1) enabled
    RF sensor X chime : (00) disabled (we recommend this as most people don’t want their movements through the house announced by the panel, but there are cases in which using a voice descriptor or chime makes sense)

If you need to familiarize yourself with the programming process in general, this video for a thin door/window contact will at least show you the steps described above (obviously with directions for that different piece of equipment).

In order to learn in the sensor:

  1. Put the panel in learn mode by pressing “Shift” then “Learn” in the “RF sensor X serial number” section.
  2. Once the panel is in learn mode, all you should need to do is tamper the sensor by opening it up.
  3. Verify that the serial number that populated in the panel is the same serial number that is on the sticker of the sensor.