Programming and 2GIG GC2

I need q44 and q45 unlocked also need to sync my z-wave door lock and want to know how to set up my cameras.

Looks like this is regarding a new service order on a 2GIG system.

Once you have run a manual cell test from your panel, a command template is automatically sent, opening programming and defaulting the installer code, the details of which can be found in your welcome email.

Have you tried to access your installer menu with the defaulted code?

Z-wave device pairing is done locally at the panel. General Z-wave instructions can be found here for best practice.

want to know how to set up my cameras.

Are you referring to cloud video cameras? Or Image Sensors? What is the model number of the cameras you have?

Video cameras require Cloud Video service, which is an add on to interactive accounts. You can find all add ons near the bottom of our service plan page. If you would like to add video to an account after purchasing service, please email