Procedure for Replacing Backup Battery

We’ve had the 2Gig system running great for the last 6 months (since we moved in and took over the system). Just today I am getting low battery on all sensors. This is a takeover with the superswitch from an existing hardwired system. I went and looked in the box and noticed that the positive lead to the backup battery (that goes to the existing alarm circuit board) was disconnected, I don’t know how and for how long it had been that way. I placed it back onto the battery and rebooted the control panel. The same low battery alert came back for all sensors about 20 minutes later.

I guess I am going to go out and get a replacement battery. My question is this: What are the proper steps to installing the replacement? unplug AC then battery? vice versa? Plug in battery then the wall AC? I want to ensure it’s done correctly so that these alerts do not come back on.

Thanks for your help.

Also, how crucial is it that this is done quickly (today)? will this alert cause any problems with monitoring? It looks like the UB1250 Universal Battery that is in there is not easily found locally for me…only by order.

last question for now…I found a 12v 4.5amp-hour battery that I could pickup today. Would this be sufficient even though the current battery is a 12v 5 amp-hour?

This post might help.

If the battery isn’t connected at all then yes, you should do it quickly because if the power goes out all those sensors will stop working.

The amp-hours are what determine how long the battery will last when the power goes out so 4.5 Ah will work fine but not keep the sensors running for quite as long when the power goes out.