Problems with TS1

I purchased a house with a 2gig system. I replaced the cell radio so I could setup service with suretydiy which is mostly working fine. I have flashed the CP and TS twice each with firmware 1.13. If I keep the TS1 within 10 feet of the CP it is all fine. If I move it 30 feet away with no obstructions the TS1 can no longer connect. Any ideas what the issue could be? Any way to diagnose it?


TS1 range is 400-500’. Sounds like the XCVR2 may be damaged (antenna). Replace it, see if issue resolves. Otherwise, the panel, or TS1 itself may be damaged.

You can determine the XCVR2 by checking signal for another 900mhz device (TS1, IS)

I would first assume it to be a transceiver issue as well, luckily that is the cheapest to test. The XCVR2.

Put in a new XCVR2 and it all works now. I’m guessing I either broke the original one or maybe I didn’t have the 3 pin connection seated well. Regardless it now is working fine :slight_smile:


next time you plug in the update cable, pull up the XCVR2 so the antenna is out of the way