Problems with CS monitoring/ activation.

Hi, all –

I just installed a brand new 2gig system with CDMA modem. Everything is working perfectly locally, and I am now trying to get CS monitoring up and running. The onboard cellular test for the hardware is successful and shows strong signal.

When I try to log in at with my login and password, I get the following message:

“Your control panel has not communicated with Please make sure your control panel is powered on then try again. If you are still having trouble, please contact us.”

IMEI/modem registration issue? Could someone please walk me through how to troubleshoot it and get it online?


Whoops. Never mind. I might have received the welcome email before the setup was complete.

How long ago did you run your initial cell phone test? It can take up to an hour after the cell phone test for your account to full activate. Has it been longer than that?

Ah. Yes, the welcome email always goes out after completion of the account set up, but if you have an existing system for which you are adding service, the connection between the system and account is not complete until after the cell phone test has had time to complete. Usually, this is a very quick process, but it can take up to an hour for everything to work through.

Up and running now?

It was working perfectly for about half an hour, but now it looks like the web and mobile interfaces are both not communicating properly with the system. It won’t pull up the current status, for example, and arm/disarm doesn’t work.

All I did on my side was to go into the web interface to test, and the only change I made was to update the login and password on the account.

Do I need to reset something on this side?


I’ve taken a look at your account. I see quite a bit of activity, arming and disarming etc. Are you still experiencing this issue?

Hi, Amanda – I think it’s sorted itself out. About an hour later, the requests suddenly started hammering through, and the system armed/disarmed like 10 times. Behaving perfectly normal now. Must have been continued issues with the initial synchronization?

I’ll let you know if there are issues, but it appears that things are working perfectly. Thanks!

I suspect you are correct. The initial set up process can be overwhelmed if the system receives multiple commands in rapid succession. Glad to hear you are up and running. Let us know if you have any questions down the road.