Problems with adc-vdb770

When it was first installed I could hold down the button and get it to flash white and try to connect it to a network, but it seemed to time our or something and i was never able to successfully do it.

Now I cannot even get the lights to pop up.

I can tell it has power as when I put it back on i get the red flashing lights, but thay eventually stops and then nothing.

If you power it via the micro USB using 5VDC does it boot up?

Usually the problem you have described is caused by incorrect voltage, power module not installed, or too little amperage from the transformer. In general chronic power problems result in a flashing red and failure to boot.

What are the specs of the doorbell transformer? Can you post a photo of the power module installed?

I have the power module installed. I took a picture of it so you can let me know if it looks good. Im not sure what a tranformer is or where that would be. I know where the breakers are.

Honestly, I wish there was a battery powered option to avoid this.

If you take the ADC VDB770 and power it via the micro USB using 5VDC does it boot up? You can use a micro-USB phone charger.

Im not sure what a tranformer is or where that would be.

Here is an idea what it will look like.

It is usually found near the main electrical panel for the home. It is necessary to verify the power output of the transformer. Usually the specs will be written on the side.

Did it come with a micro USB cord? I don’t have one in the house currently. As for a transformer, what I took a picture of is all i see

If it is a standard doorbell transformer it will not be near the doorbell or the chime.

It will generally be near the main electrical panel. (the breakers you referenced) It is necessary to verify the specs.

No, the camera does not come with a 5VDC supply. It is an option for troubleshooting. Any 5VDC micro USB phone or tablet charger can be used temporarily to test.

A battery only option was recently developed, the ADC-VDB780. We do not sell this model yet but it looks like it may be available from a handful of vendors.

Unfortunately nothing like that near the panel. There are other small boxes for tv and telephone.

The doorbell transformer is not usually going to be outside.

Do you have a utility room? Are the main electrical panel circuit breakers located under one of those panels outside?