Problem with ADC-VDB770

I’ve been having issues with my video doorbell losing power. After installing we had no issues until about 3 months ago it started losing power; no swelling at the battery and our wiring voltage is good (note: this is a brand new construction house). I’ve been able to resolve the issue by cleaning the contacts between the plate and the doorbell and it will power back on like normally. This usually fixes the problem for a few days or a few weeks. It does get a little windy in my area but the seal should block out most if not all of the dust that might get inside.

Is there anything else I can try to fix this issue?

Thanks in advance!

Typically the contacts shouldn’t need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Are the pins on the back of the doorbell (the two that make contact with the base plate) freely moving up and down and making accurate contact?

Has the seal around the camera been broken or damaged or is the camera otherwise not making full contact with the back plate? To the point where it does not close properly.

Do you know the printed voltage of the transformer, and was this tested?

The pins are moving freely and they do make contact with the backplate.

The seal hasn’t been damaged. Every time I remove the doorbell from the backplate, I’m able to detach and attach with no issues and I don’t see any notable gaps between them.

Our transformer is rated for 24V and it has been tested.

Are you using one of the required mounting plates? Either an angled wedge or the 0 degree flat wedge? Would you mind adding a side view photo of the doorbell?

Opening and reattaching the doorbell may be inadvertenly and temporarily resolving other physical issues like compressed or shorted wiring. This can be a common issue if the back plate is screwed directly onto the wall/frame.

What gauge of wiring is being used? How long is that cable?