Previously used panel/system

The people who lived in our house previously had an alarm system put it. It is a 2GIG-CP21-345E panel. It is currently in alarm mode and beeping saying it has been tampered. We were trying to set it up under our own name but it won’t let me connect the panel until I enter their 4 digit disable code. They do not know their code. What are my next steps?

Unfortunately there aren’t any guaranteed steps. If the panel is in alarm state it absolutely has to be disarmed with a code to get started.

If the old owner left it in an alarm state and did not provide a code it is likely not usable.

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If the original installer did not lock out factory resets (there is a setting which does this, and is often locked) then you might be able to reset. I have never tried while in an alarm condition, I doubt it will work, but worth a try.

Power down the panel completely, hold the two face buttons, and power up (don’t need battery). Keep holding the buttons for 60 seconds, then release. Upon power up, try 1111.

The old owner did not leave it in alarm state but when I started messing with it today, it went into the alarm state saying it was being tampered with. Is all the above info still true?

Yes, it still needs the code if it is not connected to an successfully yet, however good news on that.

Typically a cell test is necessary to get connection commands to go through, but sometimes on a module which was previously used we can kick start it or get it connected remotely. It looks like our team has sent some commands to the system to try to get it connected since you first reached out and those were just acknowledged by the panel.

You should be able to login to now and you can try sending a disarm command remotely.