previous vivint alarm

Hello , I used to have a 2gig alarm that had through vivint. At some point we moved out of our house to travel for work. We thought that it was suspended while we traveled . Make a long story sort i paid out the contract as over a period oyears found the service was poor. I have the alarm and i own it . If i wasnt ed bring it back online and use a diy monitoring service what steps would i need to take, the batteries are driving my wife nuts as it still alerts the batteries are low. I need to get that part undercontrol. As i understand it the sensors are compatable with other alarms. At this point can i use it or should i buy another panel

What is required in order to get started would depend on the model of equipment at your location. A similar thread can be found here.

If you have the 2GIG Go!Control Panel, this page goes over everything you might need to get started, but ultimately you would just need a new module and service. You could reuse the panel itself and all sensors. We have a switch to DIY kit here with what you would need.

If you have a Sky Panel however, note the Sky Panel is not compatible with and would need to be replaced.

If you have any questions on the model of alarm panel or other equipment, feel free to post a photo and we would be happy to help.

Z-wave devices like door locks would need to be removed from the Sky Panel prior to learning into a replacement panel. Alarm sensors should be 345 mhz and should be reusable with a 2GIG Go!Control or GC3 Panel.