Powering on 2GIG issue

Hello moved into new house that had existing 2GIG go control -2 panel. The only problem is the 2gig panel will not power on.

I cracked open the panel and the battery and dc wires appear to be plugged in correctly in the 2gig panel. The power cable is red and going into the wall. On the other side of the door where my 2gig panel is mounted is the laundry room.

Inside the laundry room is a Vista panel. The vista panel has a 2gig takeover module connected. For AC power there is only a honeywell transformer plugged in with green and yellow wires connected. There is no 2gig transformer. However there are also black and red wires coming out of the same cable connected to the honeywell transformer. These black and red wire are dangling free above the transformer.

So my question is - I am assuming i need a 2gig transformer and should I hook up these red and black wire to the 2gig transformer and give it a try?

It made me pause becuase the power cable going out of my 2gig panel is red, but the power cable b with the red and black dangling wire is white.

Wanted to make sure before i fry the panel or myself.

Heres the pic of the 2gig panel

Do you have a multimeter to test resistance?

You could twist the red and black together from the Vista AC transformer cable and then check if the circuit is closed at the 2GIG panel, then untwist and check if the circuit is open.

My guess is it is likely not those two. If you do not see the 2GIG transformer, the original installer may have incorrectly powered the 2GIG panel in addition to the TAKE-345 off of the AUX 12V power out on the Vista.

Can you check the cables hooked up to the AUX power terminals on the Vista and see if the other end of the 2GIG power goes there?