PowerG Wireless Smoke False Alarm

I had a false alarm from PowerG PG9936 smoke and heat. It is a brand new recently installed unit. Any way to check what caused this and prevent in the future?

Happy to assist!

If there was no smoke when the alarm occurred you will want to look at other factors.

Is the sensor dirty or has any work been done near the installation point or home in general recently? Dust and debris can cause a false alarm.

What is the location of the sensor? Is it in an area that can produce high humidity or heat?

There is a onboard LED that lights up to signify specific trouble alerts, like low battery, dirty sensor, etc. Is the LED lit up on the unit? If so, what color and is it flashing? If so, how often?

Normal status would be a green LED flash every minute or so.

I am guessing that a nearby open bathroom door where the shower was running the night before caused the sensor to trip.

Otherwise the sensor seems to be OK, flashing green light like it i supposed to. Plugged it back in, will see how it goes…

Its possible in the scenario to trigger a false alarm, if you notice similar behavior in the future, you may want to move the smoke detector.