PowerG temp sensors on iPhone app

I installed two PowerG temperature sensors and they show up in the app under manage devices but not on the app home screen. I also have two water sensors and both show up on the app home screen. Is it possible for the temperature sensors to display on the app? If it makes a difference, the temp sensors are set to alarm mode to alert on freezing temps.

If you adjust the sensor group in programming to 51, allow about 5 minutes, then check ADC, do they show up for you?

Thank you for the quick reply. Does that remove the alarm functionality? They definitely alarm (I tested by putting them outside in temps below the alarm point); I just can’t easily see their status the way I can with my water alarms on the app home screen.

Reading through What are Sensor Groups on the Qolsys IQ Panel 2? - Alarm Grid I’m admittedly a little confused on the difference between 51, 52, and 53.

Group 51 is the sensor activity monitoring group which would not forward alarms to the monitoring station. That is the group which should display the temperatures card on the Alarm.com home page.