PowerG smoke detector vs FireFighter audio detector?

I need to make a decision on whether I install PowerG smoke detectors (+ separate CO detectors) or just install a bunch of Kiddle combination smoke alarms (smoke + CO) and use a FireFighter audio detector to notify the alarm system.

Is there any recommendation here?

As far as I can tell, the benefits of Kiddle + FireFighter are:

  • Way cheaper
  • Fewer things since it has CO in every location
  • 10 yr battery life, vs 3 yrs of PowerG

But I don’t know if there any downsides to Kiddle + FireFighter.


I’m not sure which model of Kidde detectors you are referencing, but in order to use just one Firefighter to monitor them, they need to be interconnected (one sounds, all sound).

If the detectors you are comparing are just stand-alone models and are not interconnected, you would need a Firefighter detector at each smoke detector and that is not recommended. You would be better to use compatible wireless smoke detectors like the IQ or PowerG models instead.

If you are referring to installing interconnected models, usually AC powered on a home circuit, then the Firefighter would be the way to go, allowing you to monitor them all with a single device.

For example this one: https://www.amazon.com/Kidde-P4010DCSCO-W-10-Year-Wireless-Combination/dp/B076X6J5CM

It is interconnected. I’m mostly wondering if there is any downside to using the Kidde interconnect model + FireFighter, vs using all PowerG. Thanks.

I’ve not used that Kidde model so I can’t speak to its use, but if it is a reliable interconnected option you could use it with the Firefighter.

PowerG range is better, but you can just put the Firefighter next to the closest smoke detector.

With PowerG or IQ Smoke detectors you could tell the individual detector which triggered the alarm in history and via notification, whereas with Firefighter it could be any of the interconnected devices.

PowerG detectors support one-go-all-go so that all sound when one detects a fire, so you wouldn’t lose anything there.