Powerg Repeater

Hey guys question is there a powerg repeater that can be purchased to put in place to help extend range on a pG outdooor sensor Since my parents house fire there building has been left unprotected and my grandmothers system is right on the other side of the hill and the signal isn’t great enough to pick it up as is so I’m wondering if I add a powerg repeater if there is one to like the attic if it would help boost the signal to that it can watch that sensor and notification if it’s been messed with

The PG9920 is a PowerG signal repeater. I can’t say whether it would help in this circumstance, but you could try it. Distance and attenuation will be limiting factors. If you do not have line of sight due to a hill being in between it is unlikely to work as there will be heavy attenuation.

That’s what I was afraid of I know I added while the old home was still there but since it’s not I wonder if it will work now I plan on going out there this weekend might try it again it works a little bit but then stopped