PowerG hardwire tamper alert

Hi - this is not a new problem, but haven’t messed with it til now. The tamper sensor on the hardwire box is saying it’s open / the cover is off. The cover is on. It just doesn’t seem to be acknowledging this properly. Anything I can do to fix this? It’s showing a fault on the system and I’d like to clear it. Working fine otherwise.

Do you have a 1k ohm resistor wired between the Bell+ and Bell- terminals? One must be installed.

The Hardwire PowerG has a little rubber cover for the tamper switch arm with a button that closes the tamper circuit. If this was removed it will report tamper.

Hi I just checked, and neither do I have a resistor between Bell + and - NOR do I have that little cap on the door peg. Would you all be able to send those to me?

The panel is beeping every 30 minutes and driving us crazy, I assume this is why since I ran a panel test and everything else checked out.

Those items are not stocked and sold separately. If you do not have the included parts, resistors can be found in various quantities from electronics suppliers or Amazon. A 1 Kohm resistor is needed.

The tamper switch button is difficult to source and not sold individually. I do not have extras at this time, but we have requested DSC to send us some replacement buttons. I reached out to our rep again today, hopefully we can get an ETA soon.

Short of that, the only way to get a new button is another hardwire translator.

OK… I’ll do the resistor, but can’t tell you how frustrating it is that I can’t get basic parts for this thing. First the power transformer, now this.

Is there something I can substitute to trick the tamper detector into closing the circuit? What’s special about that little rubber piece that I can possibly replicate?

It’s not unusual for small included pieces to not be available for individual purchase or replacement. In the case of resistors there are lots of options to source them luckily.

In the case of the tamper switch, that rubber cap has a conductive button I think which closes the tamper circuit on the board, which is a little square spot with exposed circuit.

I was told by DSC that they would try to source some of those for us for replacements, but I do not have an ETA yet. As soon as I do I’ll post the details here.

FYI for anyone who encounters this issue in the future, here’s the repair I figured out which works fine.

Went on Amazon and ordered a pack of conductive buttons meant for a video game controller (around $5). It comes with various shapes and sizes so I used one that fit the little stem on the hardwire cover pretty well. Then I basically just taped it on there really well and that did the trick. No more tamper sensor notification.

That’s a clever solution! I see a lot of similar button replacement packs on Amazon so it should be easy to find inexpensive options.

Man, I should have thought of that considering how much apple juice I have cleaned out of controllers. Thank you for the suggestion!