Power Outage

We had a power outage and when the power came on, everything came back online except for my Aeotec Zwave repeaters. Do I need to remove and re include each device to get them back online, or is there an easier way. I tried to rediscover the network via the panel, but that didn’t work…thanks

If a rediscover does not resolve malfunctions on the repeaters, you would want to bring them close to the panel and remove/re-add them into the network. Then move them back to their permanent spots and do a Rediscovery. Any change?

I will try that, was hoping there was an easier way, as I have 6…

The Check Network/Rediscover Network functions would actually be the easier path, but if Rediscover Network is not working and the devices still report as failed on the panel the best next step would be removal and re-add.