Power Outage Signal Concerns

Power system failure. How do I make sure our alarm is back on-line.

Was this a recent power loss? Is your panel still functioning on battery?

The system will continue to transmit until the battery is depleted to the point it cannot power the system.

If this was a power outage for the whole location, you can expect ideally around 24 hours of back-up power, depending on the system and the age of the battery. Most outages would be restored before that point.

Is there otherwise power available at the location and just the system is showing loss of power?

At any time you can test your system’s signals by checking your Alarm.com history, and if you have 24/7 monitoring, you can call out central station at 855-348-0367 to place your account on test. You can then set off an alarm and call back in to make sure the signal was received.