Power g sensors not working

I have two Power g sensors that keep saying not networked? One is new and has not been in service, but the other has been in service since I installed the system. Any ideas? Thanks (pg 9984p, pg 4984p)

With the panel disarmed, try tampering the sensor. Does it come out of the not networked status?

If not, remove the battery from the sensor, wait 30 seconds, the reapply power. Any change?

When troubleshooting, you may want to place your 24/7 professional monitoring account on Test Mode during troubleshooting to avoid any false dispatches.

You can do this by calling monitoring operators directly at 855-348-0367 or from the Professional Monitoring tab in the System Manager section of your Surety account.

No change. Lights come on on sensors, but panel keeps saying sensor association incomplete.

Is this the sensor labeled Family Room Motion? What is the other sensor reporting this error?

Next, reboot the panel, To do so, navigate to Settings > Advanced Settings > Reboot. Then test sensor again. Does the error message still appear on the panel? Does the sensor report status at the panel?

If no change, remove the sensor from panel programming, wait a few minutes, then add it back in. Test to ensure the sensor triggers correctly.

It is the sensor labeled shop. I got the family room working. It was the one I already had in my system. The Shop sensor is new it’s the p4489pg.

Sorry, I forgot I deleted it and reinstalled it without labeling it. It just says motion sensor.

How far away is the PG4984P Motion Sensor from the main panel?

Have you removed the sensor from panel programming, waited and added it back in? Any change?

Right next to it. I have deleted it added it several times. removed the battery and pushed the factory reset. It gets accepted into the system, but just won’t take to the network.


Just seeing this. That is not a compatible model actually. The compatible models begin with 9, indicating the frequency they use.

The PowerG sensors beginning with ‘4’ run on a different frequency. Please see the compatibility guide here:

You would want the PG9984P.

Thanks Jason, I figured it out last night. pg4489 is on 433mhz where as my system is on 915mhz. I got a refund on the sensor from the seller since he was not clear on the compatibility.