Power G Outdoor Sensor too forgiving?

I recently bought Power G Outdoor Sensors to indicate when my outdoor gate is open vs closed. However it seems the magnet is so strong that when the gate is ‘almost closed’ but not fully latched the sensor detects that as a closed condition.

Any tips on how to tighten the tolerance?

I have a Qolsys IQ 4.

You cannot tighten the actual tolerance of the magnetic contact, outdoor sensors will generally have a much wider magnetic gap than interior door and window sensors. This is due to the fact that the points of monitoring for outdoor sensors like gates are often jostled heavily by wind and can have a lot of wiggle room depending on the gate.

You can try mounting the magnet a little farther from the sensor when the gate is closed so that it breaks sooner.

Hi Jason - thanks for the quick reply! Following your suggestion, I’ve tried numerous mounting positions. Not able to get it to work consistently and reliably for our purposes in this manner. Great sensor for intrusion detection with great range. Just not for detecting if the gate is fully closed.
I’ve emailed the support inbox asking for an RMA.
Thanks again!

It sounds like you want to be sure someone closes the gate behind them? And the concern is they could leave it slightly open and unlatched but it registers closed?

Any wireless outdoor contact will have a wide gap, but one alternative you can try with that PG9312 is to use a wired door contact with the aux input.

You can use any style of wired door contact you want to achieve the maximum sensitivity you need that way.

Hm - I had thought wired contact needed power. I guess that’s not the case. So in this setup, the PowerG wireless sensor would merely act as a transmitter to the panel and does not need the PowerG magnet installed anywhere?

Can you provide a link or two for a wired door contact that is surface mounted (it is a metal gate and metal fence) and safe for outdoor use?

Correct, the PG9312 would function as an outdoor wireless transmitter for the wired sensor.

We do not sell wired contacts and I cannot vouch for individual sellers, but generally any wired door contact will be fine, though I would avoid a sensor that uses screw down terminals for connecting the wires just to avoid potential corrosion issues. I would recommend choosing one where the wires are hardwired into the sealed sensor casing. These are very common so its not hard to find.

There are a lot of options.

This has turned into more pieces and purchases than I anticipated. Could you please approve my return request for the 3 outdoor sensors I purchased? I sent an email earlier this week. Thanks!

Thanks again for the help and quick responses! I truly enjoy and appreciate the Surety experience, especially in comparison to my less-than-ideal experience with Brinks after they bought Monitronics.

I cannot process RMAs here on the forum, but one of our team members has sent you details via email this morning. Let us know if you do not receive it. Happy to help.