power cord for GC3

I received my GC3 today and it was not supplied with the power cord for the power supply (brick). I was told I needed 22 AWG stranded 2 conductor, or 18 AWG stranded 2 conductor if the cable will be longer than 25 feet. In looking for this in hardware stores I noticed they refer to this type of cable as used for security, audio, etc. I currently have 16 AWG & 22 AWG stranded speaker wire; would that work?

Yes, the GC3 itself does not ship with an included cable. suretyDIY includes a power cable if a system is purchased here and programmed by our team.

Yes, 22 AWG stranded cable is one of the recommended sizes. (That’s the same type we include in programmed systems)

Thanks. Luckily I was able to find some 16 AWG/2 white stranded cable from Lowes, locally.

okay, I have the panel powered up but I get an error message regarding the cell module. The message states “Cell Radio Module Status Not detected”. How can I troubleshoot or reset it so that it recognizes the cell module?

Was the cell sled installed while the panel was powered up? If so, remember to only make physical changes with the panel fully powered down.

Either way I would recommend power cycling the panel by unplugging the power supply from the wall outlet, then unplugging the battery inside. Wait 30 seconds, then power up battery first, then the plug-in power supply.

Wait a few minutes then try checking the radio status. Any luck?

What is the firmware version of your GC3? Did you purchase the equipment new or was it used?

I got the cell recognized after accidentally hitting the test radio button. Turns out the S/N is the same as noted on the sticker on the side of the sled (ADC has recorded as GC2 cell module).

The equipment was purchased new. FW vet. Is 3.0.2 build ver 5036

Yes, I saw the previous description of the issue with the module on your account. Interestingly the serial number was originally registered as a Go!Control module.

Luckily I can confirm that a firmware version request has updated that in your account and it shows the correct type and firmware version. I can see communication is going through now.

Just to verify, this is a brand new unprogrammed panel with no sensors, correct? I just noticed none were showing in the account yet, but it looks like you are otherwise ready to go.

Excellent! I see the panel now has a message “Your security Website Login info” asking for a code to read the message. Should I just await new instructions to my email address for the appropriate GC3 system? Originally I was sent the instructions for GC2 as a result of the misidentified cell module.

Yes, it is a brand new unprogrammed panel. I do have some sensors for it (a few door sensors, a PIR1 sensor, as well as a camera (V620PT), door lock and garage door controller I will pair with the panel).

The correct login credentials and testing instructions will be sent from our customer service team shortly, I’ve notified them that this issue is resolved and the module is communicating properly and reporting as a GC3.

Thanks for your help Jason!