Posts missing

Is there a known issue with posts missing? I created a topic a week or so ago and it’s no longer here or under my posts. I also replied to another topic that same evening and it’s not there. Just checking if they were deleted or if there’s an issue. I know they were posted cause I saw them after submitting them.

If a post was blocked by the spam filter, it would no longer show, and subsequent posts from the same IP within a time-frame would likely also be caught.

I looked for the posts you are referring to and it looks like this is what happened as the original post referenced product pricing and vendor names, the spam filter can be overzealous with certain word combos. I’ve removed them from spam.

Thank you very much. Is there a way to add users to a list that the spam filter won’t block so this doesn’t happen again? If not should I just post another like this or reply to this one if it’s still here if it happens again?

So long as the aforementioned pieces of information aren’t included in the posts, the spam filter shouldn’t pick them up. It is somewhat rare that these instance occur (when the posts aren’t actually spam) Should it happen again, please contact so they can further assist.