Possible glitch with auto lights using Quick Exit

So here’s one: I set a rule for my lights to turn on when any alarm event occurs from any sensor. It is my only “Em Power” rule. I would interpret this to mean that anytime the alarm goes off, the lights come on. Simple right. Except that the lights come on now when I try to use the “Quick Exit” feature. I’m baffled. Is this a known glitch with Qolsys? Can anyone else try to duplicate this behavior with their Qolsys panel? I do not have a rule that tells the lights to come on when arming or disarming. Only when the alarm actually goes into alarm status. I tried deleting the rule and creating it again and it did the same thing. So I deleted the rule altogether and now the lights stay off when using Quick Exit just as they should. Thanks for any help.


I’ll do some testing with a qolsys panel and see if I can replicate. Just to be certain, you have 1.4.3 firmware right?

Yes sir. 1.4.3.

Confirmed here. Quick Exit button quite literally turns into a “turn light on” button. Working with ADC on it.

Had me puzzled. At least it’s been identified.

Yep, thanks for bringing that to our attention.

Hey Jason, will this be fixed in the next Qolsys panel update? Just following up. Thx.

I haven’t heard a follow up on the issue, but I will check.