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Hey guys I was curious if u all monitor businesses and also if u can monitor smoke detectors installed in a business my work is looking at replacing an alarm system installed but there is 2 different systems 1 system is a ademco I believe 128 and the other is a Bosch alarm which I know u all don’t monitor either so how would the best way to go about it

We can monitor small businesses that use Alarm.com compatible equipment, however, neither the Ademco 128 or the Bosch system are compatible with Alarm.com.

Additionally, smoke detectors that are paired with Alarm.com compatible panels can be monitored but not fire safety systems.

The smoke detectors r tied to the alarm panel installed now but the front office alarm ademco one is like 26 years old I’m think I’m gonna price for a whole new system and make it 1 system system

The Ademco 128 (Vista 128BP) is a dual commercial burglary and fire system.

There is no similar alarm panel which would be a one for one replacement that is compatible with Alarm.com, but if it only monitors security zones there may be effective replacements. Vista128BPT’s are often used for access control functions in addition to security and fire. It’s important to know what features and products are currently used by that system.

Likewise to provide the best assistance, what model of panel is the Bosch system?

From what I have seen in this system and also what the current provider has told us it monitors just like a regular resident alarm there is no strobes or anything. Fire alarm has this is just a regular system using a 6160 keypad that replaced an old 6139 keypad a year ago but I’m thinking about looking at the Iq panel 2 plus PowerG since it offered as a commercial use too

Yep, depending on what it is used to monitor if the goal is commercial security there would be some options, including the IQ Panel 2+.

Power G sensors are convenient for larger locations given their extreme range.

What model of Bosch panel is present?

I’m not too sure I know it keypad is. Bosch d1255 keypad

It looks like that keypad model is used by a variety of Bosch systems. I would not be able to make recommendations based on the keypad. The panel would likely be found in a basement or utility room.

We know the location of the panel but the panel is locked but this company we r using is local company but a straight up pain

But I’m going to start pricing for a new system total including new smoke detectors and security Sensors so that we know what’s what because we have noticed on the ademco system that there Shock sensors on the all the windows but I don’t believe there even programmed because we can’t find the sensor name in the bypass section and we very hesitate if all the smoke detectors actual work we do know that the door sensors work as well motions but that’s all we can tell so we can’t wait to get rid of both systems and get brand new trusted systems

The shock sensors may be wired in series with regular window sensors if you have open/close window sensors installed. In fact on an older wired system it would be strange if they weren’t, typically the installer wouldn’t run dedicated wiring for those.

Try testing one of the shock sensors by tapping the window with a cushioned hard instrument, like the handle of a screwdriver.

It may also be easier to test by just disconnecting one of the wires attached to one of the shock sensors. Which zone opens on the panel?

The wiring is all messed up in the control panel as well so we are not sure what wires r for what zones but I have been talking to my supervisor which is the administrator of the clinic and we r talking about replacing the whole system with new everything and instead of shock sensors using glass breaks and motions and door sensors and then smoke detectors placed through the whole building as well co detectors I’m looking at either a dsc neo or Iq panel 2 plus cause we r wanting to go diy with it and u all r on the list to possible use but we r also lookin at a brand new Honeywell system as well which would be a lot more work vers Iq or neo

Gotcha, if you are replacing everything then either Neo or IQ Panel 2+ would work well given support for Power G, which comes with extreme range support.

What is the maximum distance you’ll have between a sensor and the panel?

Depending on how many people use the system, the keypads of the DSC Neo may be a better fit than the touchscreen of the IQ Panel 2+.

How many different people would be interacting with the system?

There about 20 people that have a key to the building and I’m gonna add 2 extra keypads or 3 depending beside the main keypad since we r doing 1 alarm control both side instead of having 2 different alarms not sure on partition yet we talked about maybe doing that but I don’t think we will

With 20 users, if some might be using the system infrequently, if you go with the IQ Panel 2+, consider using the WS9LCDWF9 Power G keypad.

Physical button keypads are sometimes better suited for larger groups of infrequent users as there is less to remember and fewer options presented on screen. Although the IQ Panel 2+ and the IQ Remote are extremely easy to use and it is hard to imagine people being unused to phone/tablet style touch controls at this point.

It would also be beneficial if there is not a solid single wifi SSID across the building for Remote and IQ Panel 2+. The WS9LCDWF9 uses Power G direct communication with the panel.

With the neo keypad do u just enter ur code like u would on an impassa to set it or would u press away I know I’m interested in the disarm photos that would be sent when it disarmed

It is armed by holding down the appropriate Stay/Away button. A user code can be optionally required.

Disarming just requires entering the code.

Ok Im still debating on the system plus getting pricing