Poor response or no response for mobile commands

Switch, lock, thermostat, garage control from mobile device takes forever or sometimes doesn’t work at all. I have the Verizon 3G module in my Vivint Go Control panel. Should I upgrade to LGE or buy a new panel?

Happy to help out!

A couple things here:

  1. According to the related account details, it looks like you are referring to a Liftmaster MyQ device for the Garage control. This does not communicate through the alarm panel. MyQ devices communicate directly with ADC via your internet.

  2. When you say from Mobile Device, can you confirm whether sending commands from the website are not affected?

  3. I haven’t noticed any delays on MyQ commands in history, but I do see a delay between some Z-wave commands and the acknowledgement from the panel. Can you confirm a time and date when a MyQ command failed or was delayed? We could look at that in history.

Ultimately, for all the Z-wave devices, those commands would be sent through the cellular network to the panel module, and if you have continuous intermittent issues it would be good to consider switching cell module model.

We do see a cell signal strength slightly lower than recommended being reported by your panel.

The panel type will not influence incoming delays, but the cellular module and carrier can. If you are already planning on upgrading to a different panel then you could do so of course, but if you are just looking to improve communication you would want to look at modules.

Cellular signal strength will also be influenced by panel and antenna location in the home.

LTE is a safer bet moving forward if you wish to swap the module. CDMA will in the next few years likely see slightly diminishing resources until the CDMA sunset.

LTE shows full general coverage for your area. The LTE module will require at least 1.17 firmware to function. This video shows how to update the firmware with an update cable.